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Durable Golf Net Replacement for Backyard Sports - High-Quality Nets for Soccer Baseball Hockey and Softball

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MULTI PURPOSE: Stop balls; Sports field Fence; indoor Safety etc.

The hole spacing size is small enough to use for golf balls / baseball / soft-toss baseball / softball / basketball / soccer / hockey / ice hockey pucks / lacrosse ball / tennis balls.


- Reinforced with thicker ropes on all four sides of the net.

- Having Extended ropes on all four corners of the net.

- Material: Polyester. Light weight, no obvious elasticity, not easy to get damaged or deteriorated.

- Durable enough for all-weather year long outdoor use.

- Strong enough to tolerate and stand up to sports balls.

This versatile net serves multiple purposes. Whether you need to stop balls, create a sports field fence, or ensure indoor safety, this net has got you covered. The hole spacing is carefully designed to accommodate various sports balls such as golf balls, baseballs, soft-toss baseballs, softballs, basketballs, soccer balls, hockey pucks, ice hockey pucks, lacrosse balls, and tennis balls.

To ensure durability, this net is reinforced with thicker ropes on all four sides. Additionally, extended ropes are included on all four corners for added stability and strength. Made from polyester, the golf net and mat does not exhibit obvious elasticity, making it resistant to damage and deterioration. You can rely on this net for year-long outdoor use in any weather condition.

No matter how intense the game gets, this net is strong enough to tolerate and withstand the impact of sports balls. Its reliable construction ensures that it will serve you well during practice sessions, matches, and training exercises. Invest in this high-quality net and enjoy its superior performance and longevity.

size 1.5×1.5m/4.9×4.9ft, 1.5×10m/4.9×32.8ft, 1.5×2m/4.9×6.6ft, 1.5×3m/4.9×10ft, 1.5×4m/4.9×13ft, 1.5×5m/4.9×16.4ft, 1.5×6m/4.9×19.7ft, 1.5×7m/4.9×23ft, 1.5×8m/4.9×26ft, 1.5×9m/4.9×29.5ft, 1×10m/3.3×32.8ft, 1×1m/3.3×3.3ft, 1×2m/3.3×6.6ft, 1×3m/3.3×9.8ft, 1×4m/3.3×13ft, 1×5m/3.3×16.4ft, 1×6m/3.3×19.7ft, 1×7m/3.3×23ft, 1×8m/3.3×26ft, 1×9m/3.3×29.5ft, 2.5×10m/8.2×32.8ft, 2.5×2.5m/8.2×8.2ft, 2.5×3m/8.2×10ft, 2.5×4m/8.2×13ft, 2.5×5m/8.2×16.4ft, 2.5×6m/8.2×19.7ft, 2.5×7m/8.2×23ft, 2.5×8m/8.2×26ft, 2.5×9m/8.2×29.5ft, 2×10m/6.6×32.8ft, 2×2m/6.6×6.6ft, 2×3m/6.6×9.8ft, 2×4m/6.6×13ft, 2×5m/6.6×16.4ft, 2×6m/6.6×19.7ft, 2×7m/6.6×23ft, 2×8m/6.6×26ft, 3.5×3.5m/11.5×11.5ft, 3.5×4m/11.5×13ft, 3.5×5m/11.5×16.4ft, 3.5×6m/11.5×19.7ft, 3.5×8m/11.5×26ft, 3×10m/9.8×32.8ft, 3×15m/9.8×49.2ft, 3×3m/9.8×9.8ft, 3×4m/9.8×13ft, 3×5m/9.8×16.4ft, 3×6m/9.8×19.7ft, 3×7m/9.8×23ft, 3×9m/9.8×29.5ft, 4×10m/13×32.8ft, 4×4m/13×13ft, 4×5m/13×16.4ft, 4×6m/13×19.7ft, 5×5m/16.4×16.4ft, 5×6m/16.4×19.7ft, 5×8m/16.4×26ft, 6×6m/19.7×19.7ft


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