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Brand New Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 10.5 Degrees Right Hand Mid Launch Stiff

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The product boasts several outstanding features that set it apart from the competition.

1. Highly resilient Forged SAT2041 Beta-Ti Face: Crafted from the exceptionally durable Beta Ti material, SAT2041 offers superior strength and enhanced resistance against micro fractures compared to the commonly used 6-4 Ti. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability.

2. Optimized Wave Sole Plate: The Wave Sole Plate design makes a significant contribution to ball speed, minimizing any loss upon impact with the club face. This innovative feature ensures that the ball travels a greater distance with every swing.

3. Quick Switch Adaptor: The product is equipped with a Quick Switch Adaptor that provides 4 degrees of loft adjustability. This allows golfers to fine-tune the look and trajectory of their shots, providing greater control and versatility on the course.

4. Z-Axis design for straight line flight: The Z-Axis design incorporates a balanced use of carbon composite on the sole and a deep central sole weight. This configuration is specifically biased towards achieving a straight-line flight and optimal spin efficiency, helping golfers achieve more accurate shots.

5. NEW Multi-thickness CORTECH Face: The product features a cutting-edge Multi-thickness CORTECH Face, which has been refined to maximize performance. This advanced face design enhances the sweet spot and ensures consistent ball speeds across the face, resulting in improved accuracy and distance.


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